Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy birthday sweet heart

Orite, this is a pretty belated post.I celebrated the tickle monster's birthday just about 2 days ago. It was meant to be a simple affair really, how ever, as I was preparing for the day itself,ideas just poured in constantly thus, things got a little more interesting ..

The choices of places we dine at in particular was hand picked by me after a series of taste test and ambience checks , during the past few weeks.

On conclusion, a few places were listed out how ever, I picked , the oriole cafe bar , canelle the patisserie and the society bar out of the array ,as they were located more strategically according to my plan.

Lunch was at the oriole cafe bar which is located at somerset 313, just opposite brotzeit.We had fish and chips and Beef Cheek Tagliatelle here. Of which, I think the beef tagliatelle is simply awesome. The beef cheeks were tender and the red wine reduction sauce compliment those lovely pieces of protein so well together with the pasta that was cooked to perfection.

The fish and chips was a little ordinary I felt , even though its stated on lady iron chef as the best fish and chips in town. The tar tar sauce was uniquely fantastic though.

Besides the main course , we ordered a pot of floral tea. It is simply aromatic and tasty . Janice enjoys every sip of it and can't get enough of it actually.Being not the avid tea drinker, I must say, this pot of tea really intrigues me with its light body, yet strong aroma. The price tag for the above came to a blue color note with some change to spare for bubble tea=D For that , I felt it was worth while for the good food there.

Next stop, was to have the girl's birthday cake. Think of patisserie and desserts and just intuitively, chocolates would come into a girl's mind. Ay, maybe i'm a guy, thats why this year, her birthday cake was this marvellous matcha cake from canele
patisserie at the basement of the paragon. I had a few mouthful of the cake only and I thought that this could probably be the best green tea cake I've ever ate in my life .Well, ask the girl , she'll probably say the same thing ,after all, she had almost the entire cake to herself .

I ordered two more macrons to go with the cake as a side treat for her.The macrons wasn't that fantastic I thought, maybe my sweet tooth was retracted due to the recent dental visits.

Dinner was at the society bar. The place had a great atmosphere actually, lights were dimmed , nice jazzy music and comfortable seats,they even had a candle light thing going on the table!As a romantic spot to have dinner was my main criterion for choosing a place to dine, I had to choose the Society bar. The food I must say wasn't really anything fantastic though. I had an angus beef burger and she had fennel sausages with mashed peas. I was disappointed when i cut thru my beef pattie to find it medium well done when I actually asked for a medium rare done-ness. I held on to my request to ask for a change because I'm quite certain,I'll make a scene if i do so, why spoil such a lovely day right?

On the other hand, the girl was struggling to down her poorly seasoned mashed peas and stale sausages. I belief that the sausages are meant to complement the mashed peas as they were rather salty , how ever, I felt that the cook could have done a better job with character of the dish.

Nonetheless, since it was a bar, we decided to gave them a chance for redemption and ordered a couple of cocktails as desserts. She had a snowball(she always does) , and I ordered a chocolate Martini. Yes, yes, some of you must be thinking why the hell is this grown man ordering a lady's drink, well here's it. Lady drinks are god damn tasty , period.

The snowball was nice as according to her , but i haven't really tried any of it, Again, she had everything to herself. Tsk , now you can see that girl friends are not exactly kind and sharing all the time.

The chocolate martini was splendid i felt. Alcohol level was light,too light for me but i guess its expected since its a ladies drink, and the sweetness was just nice for me. The chocolate smudge at the walls of the cocktail glass gave the drink an extra point for aesthetics and also adds on to the chocolatey taste . Thus, the drinks made up for the quality of the food they served us earlier on.

On three places that I've stated, I guess the one that really satisfy the most would probably be the canele the patisserie with its matcha cake. P.s ,its easy to come to this conclusion based on the look on the girl friend's face with every bite she takes with the matcha cake =D

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy new year !!!!

And the tickle monster is finally back!!!!! SO FREAKING HAPPY CAN!Its like the first voice i heard on the phone this year was from her the moment I woke up! YAY!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2 more days

2 more days till she comes back. I really longed for her to be back, but funny.. why don't i feel that she felt the same way as me? Maybe i'm just being sensitive .

Ever felt this immense pressure building up in you, and when you're reaching breaking point, you feel like there is nothing at all? Just a constant melody of emptiness playing . Like you're not needed, wanted or loved.

Hmm, yep, the emo cell is active tonight.. it definitely is.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 16- Elated

I feel super happy today .I think the main reason was because a sweet girl who is currently situated in UK talked to me on msn this morning the moment I woke up. That made my day, seriously...

Rest of the day was spent at ivens and doing some work. Had a jog and went to meet the secondary peeps for steam boat at calin's. Somehow, I really feel out of the loop.I think its unfair to pin the blame on anyone on this though. Period

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The cold shower

Back in the days NS, we don't have the luxury of a water heater in our showers and we have to bath with water that was rather "refreshing". Although it made me jumped around the first few times and all, I began to appreciate it more. I know that bathing in cold water is good for the body but I didn't know exactly, what it was good for . That is not until I did a search on the internet and here, is what i've found out.

The practice of taking cold showers in the morning is extraordinarily revitalizing and has been used therapeutically all over the world for thousands of years.

Gurudev Khar Khalsa, a Sat Nam Rasayan healer and Kundalini Yoga teacher in Los Angeles sent this information on the healing power of cold showers.

"Cold Water Massage Therapy is the one of the healthiest and inexpensive of therapies. Simply massage the body with almond oil before taking a shower. Shower in cold water until your body temperature rises and no longer feels cold, but toasty and warm. Make sure the bathroom is heated. Never get out of a cold shower into a cold room.

*** Please note: Cold showers should not be taken during a women's time of menstruation. A woman needs extra rest and gentleness during her menses. Taking a cold shower is too much for the reproductive system during menstruation. A lukewarm shower is recommended. Generally speaking, hot showers are not good as they tend to depress the various physiological systems of the body.

Cold showers have the following positive effects:

* Brings blood to the capillaries, therefore increasing circulation throughout the body.

* Cleans the circulatory system.

* Reduces blood pressure on internal organs.

* Provides flushing for the organs and provides a new supply of blood.

* Strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

* Contracts the muscles to eliminate toxins and poisonous wastes.

* Strengthens the mucous membranes, which help resist hay fever, allergies, colds, coughs.

Many health problems are reduced or even eliminated over time by providing proper circulation of the blood to the affected area using the cold shower massage.

"Ishnan" is the term used in the old days when people in India referred to cold showers (very cold showers). "Ishnan" is the point at which the body, by its own virtue, creates the temperature that it can beat off the coldness of the water. This happens when the capillaries open with the onset of the cold water. They close again during the course of the cold shower and it is at that point that all the blood rushes back to flush the organs and the glands. This process allows the glands to renew their secretions and "youth" (i.e. young glands) again returns to the body."

The information is extracted from earth clinic which is well known for many home based remedies and health solutions similar to the one above. So , why not switching of the heater, and refresh yourself with a cold shower . =)

Day 15- Lazing around...

Ay, its a lazy sunday .. Feel like just lazing the day away.. I'm supposed to finished my POA assignment on cash flow statements but honestly, I haven't figured out what cash flow statements is. I'm gonna die.

Sad day for marcus.. His fish died. Hur, badly wounded fellow already actually.. oh well... maybe he'll consider getting another one soon enough.

The ticklemonster finally came online yesterday and I had the chance to talk to her.. Miss her so very much .. although she msg me at 530 am in the morning and I'm all smashed and all I didn't mind it at all. I dunno about the guys that were here though.. lol

Friday, December 24, 2010

day 13-here without you baby..

Alas , its christmas eve, and i'm spending it yet again at home alone. Well, i've got my lappy, a bottle of wine and my babies to keep me company though. Sad case for some, but I guess, I've got to keep my chin up eh.

Marcus got his first betta from iven for free today. He is quite excited about it, kept asking me on betta care and all.. he even setup an account at arofanatics. Kids.

I feel old saying that actually. Maybe its just plain jealousy that all the KIDS now are at some count down party at home while this 22 year old man is staying at home sipping wine and using his lappy. Oh well, merry christmas everyone ,have a blast~

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Julie & Julia - trailer

I've got the DVD version of it if any of you are interested!=D

Day 12-Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee

Now, I know its paranoia of me but I haven't heard a single word from the ticklemonster for 4 days and honestly, I'm freaking out. The news on the snow storm and everything else doesn't make me feel any better.Well, lets hope she is doing fine yea..

Spent the day tending after my fishes,doing work and all..watched Julie and Julia before I slept last night. Quite an interesting video actually. Reminds me that cooking for some one you love and eating food cooked by the person you love is a bliss. I'm also starting to watch Masterchef USA , very much influence by the best man to do so actually.. its actually, better then i thought. Really, go check it out if you haven't already..